I'm sailing home to you, I won't be long.

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Defining me

And nothing defines me except for you. Except when I find you in that place. The place where you say my name a million different ways. I often ask myself will this matter when I’m older? With this still be relevant. In all reality all of things no, and that’s good. The things that will stick around though are the things you’ve said about me. The words you’ve spoken to define me.

Life is what you make it. And perspective is everything.

For so many years I’ve lived in a slightly predictable manner. I would choose things because I felt like that’s what I was supposed to choose. That people would expect me to choose that thing. I’d reach forward as all the eyes starred and then cringe as if I was shoved back into a box. 

When I changed my perspective…I stepped out of that box and took a couple steps back. I realized not only did I put myself in that box, but I made that box! Not all by myself the world and then enemy handed me supplies along the way to furnish it. But the most freeing thing is knowing I don’t have to stay there!

That box was too small, and left no room for my creativity. 

The truth is I’m NOT predictable. I have so many sides to me that are yet to be seen…even by me. I’m like a diamond that you hold up to the light keep turning it and it continues to change. I don’t have to be anything, but I can be everything.

I’m Shannon and I get to be however I choose to be! I’m a daughter, I’m a servant, I’m a student, I’m a counselor, I’m a friend…I’m a really good friend, I’m a sister, I’m a lover, I care, I hope, I dream. I go after big things. Big dreams don’t intimidate me. 

I’m a photographer, I’m a writter, I’m a singer, I’m a musician, I’m a listener. I’m pure, but I’m adventurous. I’m kind hearted, but I am brave. I’m joyful, but I’m grounded. I give, but I receive. 

I’m chic, but I’m laid back. I’m glamorous, but I’m simple. I’m fashionista, and I’m an athlete. 

I am me, and thank goodness I’m nobody else. 

I’ve traded my sad shabby little box for a spot on a cliff looking over the ocean. The world is mine for the taking and you better believe I’m gonna take it!

Hippies and Jesus

Here I am again. In a land far different from the one where I was raised. The same venture and yet it feels much different this time. A part of me belongs here now. Parts of me have lived and grown here. Parts of me have been completely broken down and built back up…right here.

As excitement rises so does my curiosity. What will this new adventure hold? Where will it take me? Who will I be when this is all over. Will I recognize myself. Will I leave old things behind for the new. Will I sacrifice good for great. Will I conquer and be a champion? Will I discover and craft new parts of me. Parts I never knew I was even capable of? Perhaps, perhaps that will all come to pass in it’s own time.

Now most importantly: How desperately will I find myself falling for my King. Will it be a tale I never thought could be told?

Many questions float through my mind. And all I really can think is: live in the moment. Enjoy now and let the rest come in it’s own time.