I'm sailing home to you, I won't be long.

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I listen for your voice

All alone I am. But still your voice is there. It wraps around me slowly, comforting like a warm blanket. It whispers my name soft over and over again. It dances with me in the fields, carefully placing little white flowers in my hair.

It sings to me, wooing me away to a land where no one else can go. Sometimes it’s words of encouragement to prod me on, and tells me I can go. Sometimes it’s sweet nothing’s why? Well because I’m your love.

And sometimes IT SCREAMS OUT LOUD! Not in a scary or intimidating way. No…never. It’s always out of love. It’s screams to tell me “your my bride”, it screams to tell me “your beautiful” it’s screams to tell me “my darling I’m nothing without you”.

As the tears fall hot and heavy down my face, still it sings. Your voice…rich and sweet. This time a lullaby to rock me to sleep.